A barber’s shop in Ofunato restarted at a temporary prefabricated shop

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


Barber ‘Shimizu’ reopened supported by strong demands of old customers


A barber’s shop ‘Shimizu’ in Ofunato city restarted its business at a temporary prefabricated shop on May 18. Mr. Yasuo Shimizu (63) and other two members in his family were supported by strong demands of their customers and decided its reopening. The barber’s shop had been run by Mr. Shimizu together with his wife Setsuko (64) and his daughter Tomomi (33) in their native town Ofunato. His family was forced to live together with one of his relative’s houses because his shop and home were washed away by the tsunami. Although, he was almost given up restarting of his business, his regular guests required him to get their hair cut again.

His temporary prefabricated shop was constructed at the site not far away from Ofunato port in one month after the disaster. He could afford of typical equipments for barber, such as sets of chair and washing vase, and cutting scissors and other special tools were provided free from a man in the same trade.

‘I have a haircut first time since the disaster occurred. I could forget my bad memory of the tsunami.’ Mr. Takeo Saito (70), one of his regular customers, said in smile. His grand son, Yuta (12), also had his haircut together at the barber. ‘I feel refreshed.’ A 6th grade student of elementary school smiled shyly while putting his hand on a common style of bald head.



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