Get a bird’s-eye view of our stricken towns

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


“Grasping the present situation of our native town” from a helicopter byAir Self-Defense Force 

“Grasping the present situation of our native town” from a helicopter by Air Self-Defense Force was performed over the stricken site of Ofunato city on May 21. Members of the city reconstructive decision committee and chiefs from every community center were got on board. They tried to grasp the present condition of the stricken city applying for the reconstruction program. People on board reexamined a dreadful scene over the disaster-stricken area and a steady progress in restoration, and could find some ideas for new community development.

The program was performed under the Community Life Support Service of the Self -Defense Force. The program is expected to promote earlier recovery of the city. Total of 51people in ten groups, including the mayor Mr. Kimiaki Toda, city assemblymen and staff from the city hall were also participated. About 15 minutes flights were made based on the playground of the Kayanaka School of Prefectural East-ofunato Senior High School in Takkon town.

At first, the helicopter took an air route over the coast line where towns of Ofunato, Akasaki, and Massaki locate, then turned at over the great seawall area that was completely damaged by the tsunami. During the flight, enormous scale of disaster was reexamined especially over the stricken area of Ofunato town where a large number of houses and shops were washed away. A scene of still flooded roads along the coast lines was also observed, which were caused by land subsidence.

Before & after of the great seawall area of Ofunato Bay


On the other hand, huge vacant lot was spread out along the border line between flooded and no flooded areas, where all rubbles have already removed. Participants could also grasp reconstruction of life lines, such as newly built new electrical posts. Their attentions were also put on the mountain region for expecting new site for housing and other purposes.

‘I could realize that the huge tsunami rushed deep into the land. We must develop safety towns where citizen can live peacefully without losing any human lives, as well as houses.’ Ms. Mariko Yamaguchi, one of the members from the city reconstructive decision committee and the representative of various female organizations in the city, expressed her opinion after the flight.


View Ofunato City in a larger map

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