AKB48’s “3rd General Election” has begun

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AKB48, the top female idol group of Japan at the moment, is now hosting its 3rd  general election and the term is May 24-June 8th.  The 1st election in 2009 a kind of drew attentions of the public, the 2nd in 2010 became  a popular topic, and now,  the current 3rd could be “a naitonwide phenomenon” with the group’s  progressive popularity.

Team k of AKB48 attending an event of a flash report of the election's interim outcome

At this 3rd election,  there are 150 candidates in total that consist of  68 memebrs of AKB48 based in Akihabara Tokyo, 57 members of SKE48 based in Nagoya Aichi, and 25 members  of  NMB48 based in Namba Osaka.   Only the top 21 members called “Senbatsu members(elected members)” will be qualified to sing  the main song of the group’s  22nd single CD, and top 22~40 will be allowed to sing the B side  song. And only the top 12 called “Media Senbatsu”of the 21 will be allowed to sing the song in public via media, such as TV.   Unlike the 1st and 2nd elections,  NMB48, the new  sister group of AKB48 is running for the candidacies of the 40 seats, which has made the situation much more intensive than the past ones.


The face photo of AKB48's 21st songle CD "Everyday, カチューシャ"(Everyday ,Katyusha)


If you want to vote, then, there are several ways to get a ballot. One: to become a memebr of the official fan club, two: subscribe to DDM live broadcasting services of AKB48 and SKE48, and three:  to buy  AKB’s 21st single CD “Everyday, カチューシャ”(Everyday, katyusha)released on this 25th, which each CD copy includes one ballot.

“Everyday,カチューシャ”  won the No.1  at the daily CD video ranking of Recochoku on 26th, which has been the tenth straight No.1.  The CD sold more than 9420,000 copies on just the first day, which is more than the number of  the group’s last CD.   There is even a quite huge fan who bought 5500 copies (which costs about 5.5 million yen ) on his own.

The ranks of the candidates are now quite dynamic and changing intensively,which makes it very difficult to foresee the final outcome.  The final outcome  will be announced on the June 9th at Nippon Budokan in Tokyo.

The interim report shows the current outcome as follows; (as of 26th)


1位 大島優子(Yuko Oshima) 17156

2位 前田敦子(Atsuko Maeda) 16452

3位 柏木由紀(Yuki Kashiwagi) 12056

4位 高橋みなみ(Minami Takahashi) 8833

5位 渡辺麻友(Mayu Watanabe) 8582

6位 篠田麻里子(Mariko Shinoda) 8016

7位 指原莉乃(Rino Sashihara) 7357

8位 板野友美(Tomomi Itano) 6596

9位 松井玲奈(Rena Matsui) 6559

10位 小嶋陽菜(Haruna Kojima) 6534

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