“An-Dounatsu”(sweet bean paste-doughnuts) from “JIN” being a phenomenally hit

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  “An-Dounatsu”(“安道名津”, sweet bean paste doughnuts)  having got started sold at Seven-Eleven Japan, a major convenience store chain, on this May 24th is now becoming a big hit and has sold more than 60,0000 sets  just in the first  three days. http://www.sej.co.jp/cmp/jin1105.html


This doughnut item is originally from a popular manga “JIN”.  The manga work is a sci-fi describing a time travel of a excellent surgeon suddenly thrown into  a past  world of 150 years ago and   meets  some historical personages and saves a lot of  sick or injured people using his advanced medical knowledge and skills of the future.   

In the story  Jin, the hero of the this work , invented the doughnut items as nutritious food to cure patients of beriberi which was rampant in Edo city, the seat of shogun, which was to be Tokyo today,using his knowledge from the future ,yet with available ingredients in those days.     

In addition, as the manga work became so popular, it has been dramataized  on TV and the  first season of  TV version made in 2010 won a great viewer ratings, which led to making the second season this year ;currently being aired from April 17th on.  The average viewer rating  of the episode 1 on 17th was  so high as to 23. 7 % and momentary one was 26.0% , which is the highest of  the current quarter season this year.  http://www.tbs.co.jp/jin-final/     

The TV version series are the special memorial drama of the 60th anniversary of TBS and, Season1 won a lot of  awards .  And ,moreover, the broadcasting right of season 2 has been purchased by businesses all over the world and being airred over 80 countries before even the end of  the air of  the drama in Japan, which had never taken place before and  received as a good proof of  the incredibale popularity of the drama even overseas.     

The doughnut item is also described in the TV version and actually a lot of viewers might have taken interested in or even felt like eating it. Therefore,  The  TBS, the TV station of the drama, and Seven-Eleven tied up in producing and selling the fictitious item in reality, and the project now is conducting  special present campaighn for the consumers and viewers.   

The project also started selling  “Tachibanake no Agedashi-doufu”(橘家の揚げだし豆腐, The fried tofu of the Tachibana family’s style) and “Tachibanake no Obento”(橘家のお弁当, The lunch box of the Tachibana family’s style) on the 27th.  The ingredients  of each dishes are both faithful reproductions of how they were described in the story as well. 

“An-Dounatsu”(doughnuts) costs ¥120 (≒$1.5, €1) , “Tachibanake no Agedashi-doufu”(fried tofu) costs ¥230 (≒$2.9, €1.8) ,  all of which are now available at  Seven-Eleven Japan stores.

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