Scrapping procedure for damaged cars started in Ofunato

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


Temporary site for damaged automobiles at Akasaki town


Iwate Prefecture gave an official notice to admit that damaged automobiles at the tsunami which has been kept temporarily under the Waste Disposal Law shall be scrapped after two weeks official announcement. More than 40,000 damaged cars have been kept as a huge amount of rubbish in the present state in the prefecture. It is not easy to figure out the owners of these damaged automobiles. The prefecture expects additional temporary wasting site for other rubbish if these damaged automobiles are removed. The official notice has sent to tsunami stricken 12 cities, towns, and villages on May 12.

Seacoast areas in the prefecture are luck of level ground and therefore, they could secure only 40 % of required site for rubbish. In Ofunato city, more than 2,600 damaged cars are left on the reclaimed land near the port. The formal procedure for scrapping of cars by owners started at the reclaimed land in Akasaki town, Ofunato on May 30. Totally 3,228 damaged cars were removed from the stricken areas in Ofunato city. The temporary site in Akasaki town, there are more than 2,500 damaged cars. Every owner has a right to claim own car at the site, but most cars were flooded sea water and unable to drive. Almost all of them will be scrapped.

Residents from Sakari town were subjected to examine own cars on the site this day. They tried to find out own cars depending on type or model of cars as well as their license plates. Officers from the city hall took out license plates and accept the application forms for scrapping after they reexamined any valuables in the cars.

‘I could only rush away from the tsunami, and no time to bring my car. Although, I have already purchased other used car for myself after the disaster, I feel lonely because I really loved this car.’ Ms. Masuko Shida (56), an employee of a super market, looked sad when she decided her low displacement car to scrap.   


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