‘Mikasamaru’ departed from Ofunato for research fishing

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

A miracle fishing boat left from the tsunami at ‘Takonoura’ fishing port, in Ofunato 

A fishing boat ‘No. 15 Mikasamaru’ left ‘Takonoura’ fishing port for perfoming research on Pacific saury fishing on June 1. The 169 ton fishing boat is owned by Kamata Suisan co. in Akasaki town, Ofunato and is conducted by the chief fisherman, Mr. Hidemi Kudo. While a large number of fishing boats were washed away or greatly damaged from the tsunami, ‘Mikasamaru’ was only slightly damaged. The ship was entrusted for research fishing this time. Local residents who came to see the ship off at the port expressed their hops for reconstruction of the marine products industry.

The survey fishing is conducted by the Fisheries Research Agency (FRA)’. The Fisheries Research Agency (FRA), an incorporated administrative agency, conducts a wide range of research and development activities on fisheries, from basic research and application to practical use. Furthermore, the FRA conducts the hatching and releasing of salmon fry to maintain their population. Based on these activities, the FRA contributes to achieve the policy targets of securing the stable supply of fishery products and promoting the sound development of the fisheries industries, as stipulated by the Basic Plan for Fisheries Policy (in 2002 by the Fisheries Agency, Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries ). The FRA promotes efficient and effective research and development, disseminates the results and encourages the practical use in their respective fields.

The research this time is performed by a team of three fishing boats and two carrying boats. ‘Mikasamaru’ is appointed as one of three fishing boats.

Appointment of the ship for research is first time in Iwate prefecture.

‘Mikasamaru’ had been alongside the Takonoura fishing port when the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami occurred on March 11. Although, the ship was hit by the great tsunami, it could remain there with only slight damages. While a large number of fishing boats were damaged, ‘Mikasamaru’ was sounded out for participation. The work of mending had been going ahead at fever pitch.

Processed marine products industry along ‘Kesen’ seacoast has been interested in amount of Pacific saury resources of high-sea fishing to cope with resume work on the peak season coming this autumn.

‘While both, fishing and distribution sectors don’t have any time to spare, exact information of Pacific saury resources in high-sea fishing will help them for their resume work from the disaster.’ Mr. Yosuke Ochi from the center, a doctor of agriculture, expresses a significance of the research fishing. Although, it is named as the research fishing, they will perform actual fishing of Pacific saury in the North Pacific, and unload the catch at Kushiro port in Hokkaido. ‘Mikasamaru’ will depart from Ofunato in nearly two months for similar to actual fishing, so ‘Takonoura’ fishing port started to hum with a large number of local residents as like in normal year.

#15 Mikasamaru Dr. Yosuke Ochi


‘Mikasamaru’ with Dr. Ochi and crew of 15 on board, played powerful ‘Enka’ music over the amplifying system as the similar scene going on a Pacific saury fishing expedition seen in every August. When the fishing boat was departing with strong sound of diesel engine from the wharf, local residents sent the fishing boat off with waving their hands while brilliant ‘Tairyo-ki’ or flags for a good haul and five colored paper streamers were streaming in the wind. Their research fishing will over at the end of July.

‘Joy of seamen is anything but making our living on the sea. We are really happy participating to the research fishing with our boat which left from the tsunami miraculously. Rubbles will disturb our route so we must be attentive to our fishing work.’ Mr. Hidemi Kudo, the chief fisherman, expressed before departing.




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