A long-established confectionery restarted at the temporary store

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Confectionery ‘Ohuraya’ in Ofunato town

Confectionery ‘Ohuraya’ before the tsunami One of the main products ‘Almond Rocks’


A confectionery run by the same family for three generations in Ofunato town restarted its business on June 4. The confectionery ‘Ohuraya’ lost its store and plant at the East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami. Mr. Hiroshi Ohura (47) had almost given up its restoration, but his family, friends, and men in the same trade supported for his start over again.

The confectionery was founded by his grandfather at Sunagomae area in Ofunato town just after World War II. Their original sweets, such as almond rocks and sake cake, made their name very popular among customers not only in local community but also in Tokyo and Kansai district. They use local brand ‘sake’ or rice wine for their main product of sake cake.

Mr. Ohura was working with his parents and three employees at the store on March 11 when the disaster occurred. As one of the members for local fire brigade, he participated in regular emergency measures, such as closing door of nearby seawall and evacuation guide, just after the earthquake stopped its shaking. He then finally escaped from the tsunami to nearby high ground. His store, plant, and home were washed away in a flash under his nose. He and his family were forced to share his parents’ house.

Mr. Ohura had once considered that restoration of his business would be impossible and be a migrant worker when he saw his native town was reduced to rubble. His wife Yuko (46), however, opposed to his idea, and encouraged him for reconstruction. Friends in the same trade also supported him. They sent words of encouragement by mobile phone. They also prepared all professional tools for making cake and contribution money for supporting his restart. One of his friends introduced an unoccupied shop at the high ground of Kamiyama area about 3 km far away from his original place in May. He could restart his business in this temporary store.

‘Although, we are very regrettable to restart our business at different place other than original founded site, we have to hold out on behalf of people in the same trade who have still been forced to live in the temporary emergency shelter.’ His father, Mr. Toshihiko Oura (74), who has helped for restoration of his son, pressed his lips together tightly. Restarted sweet store had five orders of birthday cake from his old customers just after the reopen.

‘I had once given up restoration of my business, but I could restart backed up by my friends. I have really appreciated for making cake again supported by bonds of friendship.’ Mr. Ohura said.



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