Atsuko Maeda made a come-back to No.1 at The 3rd General Election of AKB48

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  As I worte here before,  there held the 3 rd General Election of AKB48 to select the members to sing  the 23rd  single CD’s song.

Atsuko Maeda making a speech in joy

The  election outcome was announced at Japan Budokan in Tokyo on 9th, and  Atsuko Maeda(/前田敦子), who had won the No.1 at the first and No.2 at the second, now  made a glorious come-back to the No.1 status this time, and  Yuko Oshima(/大島優子), who had won No.1 at the second election defeating Maeda last year, fell to No.2 this time.

Yuko Oshima of No.2

Maeda and Oshima, the twin tip-tops of AKB, sharing popularities of  a lot of  fans and competing neck-and-neck,  proved to keep the crucial popularities this time as well.  Maeda obtained 139,892 votes (No.1 at the second had got 3,851 votes and this time’s increased by about 4.5 times )  ,while Oshima got 122,843 votes(No.2 at the second had got 31,448 votes and this time’s increased by about 3.9 times ) . The total number of votes obtained by members of No.1~40 summed up to 1081,332, whose drastic increasing number clearly indicates the skyrocketing popularity of this idol group nowadays.  

Rino Sashihara, No.19 →No.9 , her huge efforts made her a Media Selection Member for the first time. 


 There is also a big change in the “hierarchy of popularities” of the group. For example,  Tomomi Itano(/板野友美), fell from No.4 last time to No.8 this time and so-called “God’s Seven” (the top seven members none of whom had fallen to No.8 or lower at the first and the second election) received a shocking change of its members. It was Yuki Kashiwagi(/柏木由紀), that won the No.3 status to break through the old seven’s order.  In addition, some members newly appearing or  becoming popular these days won higher statuses , such as some SKE48 members (six of them got No.40 or higher ) and Sayaka Yamamoto(/山本彩) ,the captain of  NMB48 in Osaka ,the new sister group  of AKB got No.28.

Yuki Kashiwagi, No.8 →No.3, she broke down the "invincible God's Seven" for the first time.

The popularity dynamics of AKB is quite unpredictable and that is why it is interesting enough to draw attentions of  the fans the mass. I would like to keep watching this splendid idol group.

The details of  the outcome of the 3rd election is as follows;

■メディア選抜 (The Media Selection Members)
1位 前田敦子       13万9892票    (Atsuko Maeda)(139,892 votes)
2位 大島優子(Not yet) 12万2843票
3位 柏木由紀(フレンチ・キス) 7万4252票
4位 篠田麻里子 6万539票
5位 渡辺麻友(渡り廊下走り隊) 5万9118票
6位 小嶋陽菜(ノースリーブス) 5万2920票
7位 高橋みなみ(ノースリーブス) 5万2790票
8位 板野友美 5万403票
9位 指原莉乃(Not yet) 4万5227票
10位 松井玲奈(SKE48) 3万6929票
11位 宮澤佐江(DiVA) 3万3500票
12位 高城亜樹(フレンチ・キス) 3万1009票

■選抜メンバー (The Selection Members)
13位 北原里英(Not yet) 2万7957票
14位 松井珠理奈(SKE48) 2万7804票
15位 峯岸みなみ(ノースリーブス) 2万6070票
16位 河西智美 2万2857票
17位 秋元才加(DiVA) 1万7154票
18位 佐藤亜美菜 1万6574票
19位 横山由依(Not yet) 1万6455票
20位 増田有華(DiVA) 1万4137票
21位 倉持明日香(フレンチ・キス) 1万2387票

■アンダーガールズ (The Under Girls)
22位 梅田彩佳(DiVA)
23位 高柳明音(SKE48)
24位 仲川遥香(渡り廊下走り隊)
25位 多田愛佳(渡り廊下走り隊)
26位 平嶋夏海(渡り廊下走り隊)
27位 宮崎美穂
28位 山本彩(NMB48)
29位 大家志津香
30位 大矢真那(SKE48)
31位 仁藤萌乃
32位 小森美果
33位 秦佐和子(SKE48)
34位 佐藤すみれ
35位 大場美奈(研究生→チーム4昇格)
36位 須田亜香里(SKE48)
37位 前田亜美
38位 松井咲子
39位 市川美織(研究生→チーム4昇格)
40位 藤江れいな

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