No place for mass moving out from the stricken areas

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-Great East Japan Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


25 victim families made a proposal to build their new homes within the historical site in Takonoura community.


The historical site, “Takonoura Shell Mound”


Representatives of residents in Takonoura community who lost their homes made their proposal of mass moving to a historical site ‘Takonoura Shell Mound’ designated by the Japanese government. They presented it to the city on June 10. The historical site is located on a high ground and one of the best locations for their new homes. Mr. Kentaro Shida (82), the representative, and other victims complained about their miserable plight and appealed for help. ‘We wish to build our homes at a part of the historical site. The residents are looking for safety site for their new homes. Although, it is not easy to materialize viewed in the preservation of important cultural asset, there is luck of reconstruction site for their homes.

‘The Takonoura Shell Mound’ has designated by the Japanese government in 1934 as the largest scale of historical asset in Iwate prefecture. Only about 2,400 square meters are public domain among total of about 55,000 square meters. Representing for 15 rightful claimants of rest of land, Mr. Ryuji Suzuki (78) and Mr. Tetsuo Shida (69), including Mr. Kentaro Shida, visited the city hall accompanied with 5 members of the city council.

‘We have luck of land suitable for housing in our community. We would like to offer our land within the historical site for reconstruction.’ Mr. Kentaro Shida handed over the proposal to Mr. Kimiaki Toda, the mayor.

Stricken area of Takonoura seaside community

Mr. Tetsuo Shida who is also a tsunami victim and still living in an emergency shelter complained about their miserable plight. ‘We really like to hand over safe living place to our next generations.’ The mayor, Mr. Toda took it as one of the important opinions from the citizens for settling on reconstruction plan. ‘We are now settling on reconstruction plan of the city. We would like to take it as one of the important opinions from the citizens. We must put great consideration to new housing site for moving out from the stricken area. We like to make up proposal to the prefecture or the state if we need.’ The mayor replied to the applicants.

The historical site is now a grassy plain as it was buried again after excavation for research. According to Mr. Kentaro Shida, 25 families have desired moving to the historical site, and more families are expecting to participate. The Cultural Properties Protection Law strictly restricts any development on the state designated historical site.

‘It is one of the most important historical sites in our prefecture and there is no precedent for this matter. Of course, we need a great concern on new site for reconstruction, but it is not easy to find good solution.’ Mr. Hidetoshi Nakamura, the chief in charge of cultural assets and world heritage in the prefecture takes his point of view.


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