All inmates moved out from the emergency shelter

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Brothers, Mr. Daichi (7) and Genki Ishikawa (9) help their mother to move out form the shelter

[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

-3 months since East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Minami Ward Community Center in Sanriku Town

The closing ceremony of emergency shelter was held at the Minami Ward Community Center in Sanriku town, Ofunato on June 12. The victims who lost their homes at the East Japan Great Earthquake and Tsunami had temporary lived in about 3 months here. All inmates could find places for living and moved out the shelter. They deeply appreciated to the shelter while looked back upon group living bygone days. About 80 residents, including 16 inmates of 9 families in the community, attended the ceremony.  Police men from Kanagawa Prefectural Police Office who had kept guard over the community were invited and all residents appreciated for his hard work. Over 130 victims were evacuated to the shelter just after the disaster on March 11. 34 families among 64 in the community were suffered a great deal of damage from the disaster. The neighborhood self-governing body, in cooperation with victims’ executive committee, had supported victims. All inmates moved out to temporary houses or private rent houses nearby the community center. ‘We really appreciate all of you, including neighborhood self-governing body, volunteer staffs and police men for their kind support.’ We would like to step forward for near future that all victims will be able to come back to the community again and feel like smiling together. Mr. Hitoshi Sagawa (60), the representative of the victims’ executive committee expressed.


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all residents appreciated for his hard work this nice looking forward to read more.

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