Upstream of natural sweet fishes were confirmed in Sakari-gawa River

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

The research was made by research students from Kitasato University 

Students form School of Marine Sciences in Kitasato University conducted an on-the-spot investigation for searching of sweetfish upstream in Sakari-gawa River on June 27. Although, their school in Sanriku town was not directly damaged by the tsunami on March 11, it has been temporary transferred to their main campus in Sagamihara, because of stricken condition in local community. Upstream of natural sweet fishes were confirmed, which were supposed to be in the sea when the tsunami occurred on March 11.

Kitasato University (北里大学) is one of the famous private universities in Japan. The head of the university is located in the Shirokane Campus, neighboring the Kitasato Institute. Its major educational facilities are located in the Sagamihara Campus, located 60 kilometers west of central Tokyo. The departments include the School of Medicine, School of Allied Health Sciences, School of Pharmaceutical Studies, School of Veterinary Medicine and Animal Sciences, School of Marine Sciences, School of Nursing, and the School of Science. The school was named after Dr. Kitasat Shibasaburo.

4 research students in a study room under Professor Suguru Asahida and together with staff from Sakari-gawa Fishermen’s Union made the research in the upper reaches of the river in Hikoroichi town. All students looked full of life because it is the first research in their home town after the disaster. They started their investigation from the lower reaches of the river and found only a few rubbles in the water. Quantitative analysis on upstream sweetfish will be performed later. The fishing season is expected opening on July 3 this year.

The upper reaches of Sakari-gawa River and Takao water-storage dam


The study room under Professor Asahida has been participated the research in a past few years and 9 students, including 4 in upper stream, were participated in the research on this day. They also made research on Takao water-storage dam located upper stream on the previous day.

Their original campus in Sanriku town will be closed for 5 years caused by the disaster. ‘The apartment house where I had lived was washed away. I really wish coming back to Sanriku campus again as soon as possible. I am participating on the research which will be useful for local people.’ Mr. Shintaro Enoki (22), senior student, said, who returned here first time since the disaster.


View Takao dam in a larger map

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