A “new member of AKB48”-a “CG idol” being popular

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 A  big “new member” of AKB48,  Aimi Eguchi(/江口愛美)  made her debut on TV commercial of  ice cream goods, “Aisu no mi(/アイスの未, fruit of ice) of Ezaki Glico on 2o. http://www.icenomi.com/special/index.html

・・・However,  this new member is not a real human but a computer graphic idol which is a mixed face of  facial parts of   the top six popular members of AKB. Her name is also taken from the “Ezaki Glico ice no mi ”  and her birthday is the same as the foundation date of the company.  

As she had been strongly supported by Yasushi Akimoto the producer of AKB and her face had been introduced on the pages of  Weekly PlayBoy  on 13th without explaining her being a CG person,  the fans had hot controversy over her identity and many said she must be a CG figure even before she was introduced as CG idol by AKB and Glico.   So, actually  the assumption over her identity of  many AKB fans is correct and, now,  she is becoming one of the most popular AKB memebers though she does not exist and can appear only on DVDs, games, and other virtual media measures. 

Eguchi performs in the center position of the seven members performing the song and dance of  the TV commercial of Aisu no Mi, and the other six memebers have provided her with their facial parts images. 

Eguchi’s eyes are those of Atsuko Maeda, the No,1 popular member at the moment, her hair and body are those of  Yuko Oshima, the No.2 member, her mouth is that of Mariko Shinoda, No.4, her eyebrows are those of  Mayu Watanabe, No.5, her facial line is that of  Minami Takahashi, No.7, her nose is that of  Tomomi Itano, No.8, and her voice is that of  Yukari Sasaki, a trainee of the 12 generation.  According to the formal resume of  Eguchi, she is one of the “12.5 generation” trainee of AKB. 

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