25 tons of silver salmon and other fishes were landed at Ofunato Fish Market

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

A good number of catch was the first time after the disaster 

Over 25 tons of fish, mainly silver salmon, was landed to the Ofunato fish market on July 1. A good number of catch was the first time after the disaster so that people all concerned smiled and said, ‘We were really looking forward to seeing of this scene.’ All people in the market, such as city officials, fish brokers and parties concerned to fishermen’s union, celebrated its commemorative reopening. Over 14 tons of catch was landed from the fishing boat No. 18 Yoshihamamaru which belongs to the Yoshihama Fishing Union. A large quantity of silver salmon and other fishes was caught about 350 meters off the coast of Yoshihama. Additionally, about 11 tons of fish were brought in to the market by land transportation.

‘Yoshihamamaru’ arrived in the fishing port at about 8:00 a.m. Silver shine body of fish was so beautiful that all people in the market couldn’t take their eyes off them when silver salmon and other fishes were unloaded from the fishing boat with net. ‘Although, I have worked more than 30 years as a fisherman, today is something special and I really glad. A tear rolled down my cheek when I see Ofunato port while arriving from off Yoshihama. Our 8 new crews also hung on fishing together.’ Mr. Kunihiro Azuma, the chief fisherman talked beaming with joy.

Then fish was carried on a conveyor belt to be weigh by the market staff. Fish brokers tried to select fishes packed with ice in the container with great care after that. Silver salmon was sat the price between 331 and 339 yen per kg at the auction market.

Ofunato Fish Market before & after the disaster


‘We could make a good start for complete reopening of our fish market. We could be able to row our boat to the port of restart supported by all people who concerned of our fish market. We must continue to step further to overcome difficulty.’ Mr. Takami Chiba, the executive director of Ofunato Fish Market, expressed his gratitude.

Stationary fishing in Yoshihama & Mr. Shoji, the president of Yoshihama Fishermen’s Union expressed


‘My heart is filled with deep emotion when I see a large catch at our stationary fishing. We would like to mark this day as just one step of reconstruction. We must come to grips with putting our fishing on track as soon as possible.’ Mr. Hisao Shoji, the president of Yoshihama Fishermen’s Union expressed with determination.




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