A young probationary fisherman never changed his determination

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Mr. Masayuki Kumagai (18) went out to the sea for his first fishing at Stationary fishing  in Ryori port             

Stationary fishing boats went out to the sea first time on July 12, since the East Japan Earthquake in Ryori port, Sanriku, Ofuto city. Among a crew of 35, an apprentice Mr. Masayuki Kumagai (18) was included, who just graduated from the local senior high school in March. He has just embarked on his new life as fisherman with an aspiration to bring their stationary fishing in Ryori as the best one in Japan. Their boats were in the misty sea about 2 km off Ryori port in the early morning. Fishermen braced themselves when fishes were beginning to be seen in their net while two boats pulling it up. ‘Come on Masa!’ Senior fishermen suggested him every time on the busy boat. Mr. Kumagai was made to hurry the work, such as pulling of rope and packing fish in ice.

A young Masayuki used to play around on the seashore nearby his home and therefore he is deeply attached to the sea. His grand father used to work as a stationary fisherman, and father is working on aquaculture of ascidians or sea squirts and wakame seaweed. During the busiest season, he was welling to help fishing rather than attending the school. It is only natural that he became a fisherman and applied to work on stationary fishing just after his graduation from the local senior high school.

Suddenly, the huge tsunami attacked his small fishing village and washed away many houses and fishing boats, as well as farm fishing equipments. The seashore he loved was reduced to rubble. He was happened to see the accident that a fishing boat was capsized in the tsunami right in front of him in Ofunato city on March 11. Even that, Masayuki never changed his determination of working on the sea. He had strived to control himself going out for fishing, and worked hard to reconstruct his fishing port, such as removing rubbles from the stricken site, and repairing of fishing nets.

‘Although, it was not a good time for Masayuki became a fisherman, at the same time, it is a good experience for him. I expect he will be able to be a man of fishing.’ Mr. Hideaki Sasaki (58), the leader of the stationary fishing boat expects his future. Their catch in the first fishing was about 8 tons, and was not a big enough, but an over 48 kg black tuna was included. ‘I am very glad today, because my long dream came true. I will try my best to learn fishing a step by step and catch up to experienced fishermen.’ A black tanned Masayuki’s face broke into a happy grin.





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