No applicants for fishing industry in the stricken fishing ports

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Promotional employment event sponsored by the Coalition of Fishing Industry Unions in Iwate 

The promotional employment event for the fishing industry, sponsored by the Coalition of Fishing Industry Unions in Iwate, was held on July 17 at the Joint Prefectural Office in Ofunato city. Purpose of the event is promoting fishing industry to inexperienced people and giving them advice to be fishermen. The coalition of unions is trying to increase number of fishermen in Iwate prefecture. However, there is no applicant in the event. ‘Although, we are actually worrying about an influence of the tsunami, we never dreamed that there is no one…’  The person in charge of the event was at a loss what to do.

8 ship owners from the Ryori Fishing Union and the East-Kamaishi Fishing Union were about to have interviews with applicants at the event. If an applicant wishes working on fishing boat, he will take a chance at least one year training period on fishing boat. The event had been scheduled between 1:00 and 4:00 in the after noon, but closed one and half hour before the closing time.

‘We are very sorry about the worst result, because the tsunami disaster accelerated the decreasing number of successors in the industry.’ One of the ship owners at the event looked really disappointed.

The Coalition of Fishing Industry Unions in Iwate had held this kind of events twice in the past, excluding this time. 20 applicants attended actual training on fishing boats and 8 among them have become fishermen. One fisherman among them has been married and lived in Ofunato city, so the event was expected as a good opportunity to employ younger fishermen in the port. Over 30 applicants, including people from other prefectures, participated at the last event, and about 10 among them had experienced training session on fishing boats.

Mr. Kenichi Nakamura, the vice-director from the promotional employment center for the fishing industry in Japan expressed at the event. ‘Although, we are really disappointed at the result this time, we will continue supporting fishing industry in the stricken areas.’


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