The first LCC based at Narita Airport founded by ANA and AirAsia

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  A new LCC (low-cost carrier) ,” AirAsia Japan Co,Ltd.” was founded as a joint venture with the agreement between ANA (All Nippon Airways) and AirAsia Bernad on this Jul.21st.


 ANA (  )is Japan’s largest airlines based in Tokyo ,while AirAsia ( is one of the top major LCCs based in Kuala Lumpur. The new venture is to be the very first one  based at  Narita International Airport which is the hub airport of  Japan.  As for ANA , this LCC is the second one,  for the first one ,”Peach Aviation” ,was founded in this February based at  Kansai International Airport which is going to start operating in the coming March.    

ANA holds a 51% stake and AirAsia holds a 49%, yet, the brand image power and experiences of streamlining expenses and other of AirAsia will be tha primary weapon.  Shinichiro Ito , president of ANA says the airfares will be around one third to half of  those of  average other airlines, so that the new company can receive potential profits as a pioneer of  a market  which will be developed from now on  with those people who have not often used flights with existing carriers up to today.  The company expects to win in the competitions with upcoming influxes of  foreign  LCCs  that are surely join  the races anticipated to be quite intense in the Japanese flight service market. 

This new project is expected to enhance the conveniences of  air traffics and trades in these areas in the Asian region including  improving tourism with increasing number of  foreign tourists to Japan, which has been sharply decreaed after the disaster of the huge earthquake and tsunamis in this March.   The number has already begun to increase a bit by bit these days as the Japanese situations are getting better and better.

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