MS Asuka II gave courage and hope to citizens of Ohfunato

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

‘Candle Night in Ohfunato’ was also held as the event for mourning victims who lost their lives and praying reconstruction of the city

A luxury liner ‘MS ASUKA II’ (50,142 tons) entered the port of Ohfunato on July 27. MS Asuka II (飛鳥II) is a cruise ship owned and operated by Nippon Yusen Kaisha. It was originally built by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries shipyard in Nagasaki, Japan as MS Crystal Harmony for Crystal Cruises. In 2006 Crystal Harmony was transferred from the fleet of Crystal Cruises to that of Crystal’s parent company Nippon Yusen Kaisha and entered service under her current name. As of February 2009 it is the largest cruise ship in Japan.

Although, welcome parties in usual years have been planned and performed with participation of citizens, the city was damaged by the disaster so that ‘ASUKA’ sponsored it this time. The citizens also worked welcoming of the passenger ship as hard as possible such as light up of ‘Tanabata Ship’ on the sea. ‘ASUKKA’ arrived with 385 passengers on board to Nonoda wharf, Ohfunato Port.

The captain ‘ASUKA II’ Masuyama gave an address at the ceremony. ‘The citizens of Ohfunato have welcomed us warmheartedly all the time. We wish our call at the Ohfunato port this time will promote your earlier reconstruction of the city.’ ‘Your call this time really gives courage and hope to our all citizens.’ The mayor Kimiaki Toda deeply appreciated their arrival.  ‘ASUKA II’ had made consecutive 24 calls in 20 years to the Ohfunato port. 500 applied citizens and 130 people concerned to welcome events in the past are invited to the passenger ship this time.

‘Candle Night in Ohfunato’ & A famous candle artist, ‘Candle JUNE’ 


The event for mourning victims who lost their lives at the tsunami and praying reconstruction of the city ‘Candle Night in Ohfunato’ was held on the night of July 27 at the Nonoda wharf, Ohfunato Port. A famous candle artist, ‘Candle JUNE’ made the plan as a part of the reception ceremonies for a passenger boat ‘ASUKA II’ (50,142 tons) which entered the port. The port was enveloped in about 1,000 gentle and mild candle lights and citizens folded their hands in prayer and lamented the death of the tsunami victims around the lights.

‘ASUKA II’ departed the port of Ohfunato for its home port Yokohama at 8:00 in the morning on July 28. 


View Nonoda Wharf in a larger map

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