45 bluefin tunas unloaded from Yokonuma inshore fisheries off Sanriku

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[From Ofunato city-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Ohfunato Fish Market was filled with excitement

A large number of bluefin tunas which are very rare in this season were unloaded on the Ohfunato Fish Market from the stationary fishing boat on July 26. Although, size of tunas were middle class, the fish market was filled with excitement when fish brokers and other people concerned saw their black luster bodies lined on the market.

These tunas were caught by the fishing boat belonged to the Yoshihama Fishermen’s Association in the Yokonuma inshore fisheries off the Sanriku District. 45 bluefin tunas, including the largest size of over 40 kg, and 57 young tunas were caught in their stationary net.

The fishing boat arrived to the Ohfunato fish market at about to 9:00 in the morning. A large number of people concerned in the market gathered on the wharf, and fishermen were started craning up tunas for unloading. Fish brokers carefully examined the quality of tunas in checking dark-skinned bodies and fat of meat. They touched their hands directly to the bodies of tuna and glared hard at them.

Bluefin tunas in small to medium sizes (20kg-40kg) were put in a bid at 1,050-2,000 yen per kg (Average 1,400 yen). And young tunas were 1,305-1,400 yen (Average 1,350 yen). It was not so bad in this time of the year. ‘This is the first time catching of bluefin tuna in this season while I have worked as a fisherman in 30 years. We’re very happy to catch so large amount of tune.’ Mr. Kunihiro Azuma, the captain of No. 18 Yoshihama-maru, said in good smile. While a big catch of fishing is expecting, most tuna unloaded in the Ohfunato Fish Market were sent to outside the prefecture. Almost 4.5 months has passed since the tsunami disaster, the marketplace started to hum with unloading of main fish in summer.



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