A part of temporary houses for victim families won’t be ready by the end of July

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


The delay of contract matters between the city and land owners obstructs of completion

Although, Ohfunato City is aiming at the completion of victim families moving into the temporary houses at the end of July, its aim won’t be able to be accomplished. A part of temporary houses are not ready to be moved in because some procedures, such as the final inspections on construction and contract matters between the city and land owners, have still left.

Expecting number of temporary houses are about 1,800. Up to July 22, 1,594 families have moved in (90%) and other 44 families have set the exact date of move in. On the other hand, temporary houses in some towns, such as Sakari and Ikawa, have not been occupied yet.

All left applicants for temporary houses have been expected to move in by the end of July. The delay of final inspection on the construction and setting of electrical appliances, and also the contracting matters between the city and land owners are obstacles to moving in.

A number of complains were heard at the explanatory meeting for applicants held on July 26 in Sakari Town. ‘Please, allow at least old victims to move in to the nearest temporary houses.’ ‘It is much harder now than when our houses were washed away by the tsunami, because we have no place to live.’ The city officers deeply apologized for the delay of contract matters with land owners. Alternate temporary houses will be arranged for those applicants who have been forced to wait for moving in.

‘We would like to make our best to promote the condition better and make it possible to move in before the bon season.’ Mr. Hisao Akamatsu, the manager of the city planning, said in apology.



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