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    Here is another Dino exhibition in Tochigi – DINO PARTS LABO at SAKURA CITY MUSEUM. Rather than exhibiting life-size models and skeletical preparations, the exhibition focuses on the details of various parts of dinosaurs, such as heads, bodies, legs, tails, and so on. The scale of the exhibition is not big as size goes, but deep in quality.

the hand of a therizinosaurus

         The high light is the skeletical preparations of the hand of a therizinosaurus and the head of an allosaurus.

     What amazed my elder son, who is a kind of a young dino-geek, was the brain of an allosaurus and the head of an oviraptor. Also, he was happy to have my husband make an Origami allosaurus. The instruction of how to make Origami dinosaurs was handed out to visitors.

Katsuyama park is located near the Kinugawa river.

     After appreciating every part of dinosaurs, you can enjoy walking around the park, named Katsuyama park, which is next to the museum. Look at the beautiful greens in the park!

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