Ebi-chan & Moe show their line of wedding dresses

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Ebi-chan, Moe show their line of wedding dresses Yuri Ebihara, left, and Moe Oshikiri, model wedding dresses. Photo courtesy of a liliale

Popular models Yuri Ebara (蛯原友里), 31, and Moe Oshikiri(押切もえ), 31, unveiled their line of original “a-liliale” wedding dresses this week.

Ebihara, popularly known as Ebi-chan, was asked about Ichikawa Ebizo and Mao Kobayashi becoming parents, and whether there was a baby on the way for her and her husband, Rip Slyme singer Ilmari, 36. But she vaguely said that having a baby will require more time.

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