Uchimizu event in Akihabara

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On Sunday an Uchimizu event was held by girls dressed as maids in Akihabara,Tokyo.

Uchimizu is an old custom which involves sprinkling or pouring ladelfuls of water (rainwater or used bathwater is generally used rather than tap water), onto the walks and gardens outside homes or shops to keep down dust or ease the heat, and encourage community interaction.

When it gets really hot in Tokyo, the locals like to sprinkle water on the street in front of the house or shop. It’s an old tradition that has become popular again here. In the heat, water on the streets evaporates naturally and during this process, a small amount of energy (0.58kcal/1g water) is absorbed from the surrounding air. When many people perform uchimizu the difference can be quite noticeable.

Website Let’s Uchumizu details how to perform uchimizu in step-by-step detail, and also provides the following guidelines, a uchimizu etiquette guide:

・Be aware of passers-by and other participants.
・Refrain yourself from watering on busy streets.
・Sprinkle water in a quiet and safe place.
・DO NOT WATER at curves, crossroads, or over manhole covers.
・It makes the street highly slippery.
・ Car drivers and bike riders: Please be careful when entering watered areas.

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