Yubara Onsen has long history since the ancient period

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Yubara Onsen Resort



‘Tatara-seitetsu’ or earlier iron making method

In Yubara Onsen, a large number of natural gushing out of hot springs existed and people used them since the ancient period. ‘Tatara-seitetsu’ or earlier iron making method had been prosperous in this area since the Tumulus Period and therefore there are many remains and ‘Kanayama’ or mount of waste hill around here. ‘Tatara’ required a large number of workers consisting of 300 to 1,000 people in a group. ‘Tatara’ depended on, of course, good quality of iron sand and also large volume of lumber as fuel. Workers must move around mountains to get lumber all the time and was very tough job. Japanese animation film ‘Princess Mononoke’ described that situation in detail. Yubara Onsen is supposed to obtain a foothold of their recuperation.

Noted priest ‘Syoku’ cured in Yubara

It is said that a noted priest ‘Syoku’ of ‘Enkyoji’ Temple in Harima visited Yubara Onsen when he fell seriously ill and cured. After that it has been popularly known as a medicinal bath.

Hideie Ukita built the first bathouse in Yubara 

‘Yubara Onsen’ was first written in our history as that Hideie Ukita, one of the five major vassals of the Hideyoshi Toyotomi opened it for his mother ‘Ofuku’s hot spring cure. It is said that ‘Ofuku’ was bewitchingly beautiful. She was born in this area, and led a very miserable unhappy life in the Warring States period. She became one of the Hideyoshi’s mistresses. She was a favorite with Hideyoshi and therefore her son Hedeie had won quick promotion. When his mother was ill in bed, Hideie built a bathhouse in ‘Yubara Onsen’ for her hot spring cure.

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For travelers from overseas

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Introduction of the specialist for Onsen design

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