Micro-bubble generators are employed for reconstruction of oyster farming

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


Kami-takonoura Oyster Farming Association in Akasaki Town.   

The special project for improvement of inshore fisheries by the micro-bubble generators started at the temporary nursery under the Kami-takonoura Oyster Farming Association in Akasaki Town. These generators were set under the guidance of Prof. Hirofumi Ohnari from Tokuyama Technical College in Yamaguchi Prefecture. Improvement of quality of seawater and hastens the growth of oysters are expected.

It is a part of the Support Programs for East Japan Earthquake under the Japan Science and Technology Agency and its adopted cost is 9.1 million yen.

Japan Science and Technology Agency (独立行政法人科学技術振興機構) is one of the Independent Administrative Institutions (Japan) under the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, “MEXT”. Mission of the agency is to promote science and technology which will create new values and lead to the future, in order to advance the national welfare and prosperity.

And its three visions are:

1. To help generate innovation based on science and technology, through the development of networks between academia and industry.

2. To support development and activities of personnel who are to advance and deploy science and technology, while enhancing science communication between the public and S&T related professionals.

3. To advance science and technology for sustainable development, while playing a role in Japan’s leadership in the S&T field in the face of global society.

Prof. Ohnari (Upper left), Micro-bubble generator (Lower left), & Mr. Nakamura (Right)


The special program named ‘Resuscitation of Enclosed Coastal Seas and Its Aquaculture, and Reconstruction of Aquaculture by Large Scale Micro-bubble Generators’ will be carried out also by participation of members from Ichinoseki Technical College in Iwate and Hachinohe Technical College in Aomori under Prof. Ohnari.

104 set of micro-bubble generators were set in the sea at a depth of about 6 meters, which is the largest scale in Japan. The generator produces 2/100 mm microscopic bubbles in size and about 280 cubic meters a day in quantity. These bubbles are spread over several hundred meters in a horizontal distance. The experiment will continue by the next February. The project will bring good results, such as improvement of seawater quality, getting rid of bacteria such as colon bacillus, and increasing glycogen in oysters. A chemical reaction in the high temperature and high pressure bubbles stimulates growth of oysters.

‘It is something like that the air acts as a medicine. We will be able to realize its effectiveness in the end of September.’ Prof. Ohnari expects. He analyzes the present condition of the seawater in Ohfunato Port and pointed out possibilities of several fears, such as inflow of polluted seawater, extraordinary high temperature in summer, formation of poor oxygen area of the sea, and the occurrence of poisoned shell fish. Micro-bubbles will be spread over few hundred meters so that we can expect its effect in a wide area of the port.

The micro-bubble generators have been already used for the oyster farm in Hiroshima Port, scallop farm in Funka Port, Hokkaido, and pearl farm in Mie Prefecture. Some farm fishermen could increase their revenue 4 to 5 times.

A collaborator of the project, Mr. Takeshi Shida (59), a fisherman in Akasaki Town, has used the generators since 10 years ago. ‘Although, we lost everything at the tsunami, we really appreciate for their support. I hope it will be one step for purification of the port.’ He wishes so. The Kami-takonoura oyster farming association is raising young of oysters and other shells at their temporary farm, which are survivors from the tsunami. ‘We really wish our sea will be improved.’ Mr. Nakamura, the president of the association expects.





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