The 3rd Inbound Business Forum held by Yamatogokoro

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  The 3rd inbound business forum of “Yatogokoro”, a Internet website organization of inbound business was held on Jul.28th in Yotsuya Tokyo.

A committee member of JNTO(Japan National Tourism Organization), researchers of economics, travel business, hotel manager and other professionals gave reports and lectures, and panel discussions over the latest  statistic tendencies of the inbound business and foreign tourists in Japan.  According to them, after the sharp decrease in number of  foreign visitors to Japan since  the earthquake disaster in March, gradually the number is rising again though it has not come back to that in around the same time last year yet.  Ideas about Several effective measures to increase the number and attract foreign travelers were suggested.     

I stand in around the center in the photo holding a message board.


After the seminar, a party was hosted by the  organization for the guests and attendees of the seminar as well, in which a lot of  people related to inbound, lodging, transportation, and other concerning business fields took part in it and I enjoyed that company.  Now I feel, slowly but steadily we are vigorously overcoming the blow of the aftermath and shocks of the earthquakes, tsunamis,and the nuclear power plant’s accidents in our Japanese tourism.

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