Perfume to make movie debut dancing with Moriyama Mirai in Moteki

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Electropop trio Perfume are making their first movie appearance in the upcoming film “Moteki.” Their roles will not involves any spoken lines, as they will play themselves during a grand dance scene set to their song “Baby Cruising Love.”

“Moteki” was a drama that aired last year, adapted from Kubo Mitsuro’s manga about a man who suddenly finds himself popular with the women around him. The movie version, which was announced in March, is an original story with the same theme. Moriyama Mirai again plays the main character Fujimoto Yukiyo, this time as a writer for a news website.

In the drama version, Yukiyo danced along to “Baby Cruising Love,” and it was decided that a similar scene would be included in the movie. However, the movie’s musical scene will have Yukiyo dancing with the members of Perfume, backed up by a crowd of 50 dancers and cheerleaders.

“Moteki” opens in theaters on September 23 and also features Nagasawa Masami, Aso Kumiko, Naka Riisa, and Maki Yoko. It has also been previously announced that various other artists will be making appearances as themselves, including Ziyoou-Vachi, Zainichi Funk, TOKYO No.1 SOUL SET, N’Shukugawa BOYS, and Pierre Taki.

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