Student TV Reporters run on stricken sites in Ohfunato City

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


10 students from elementary and junior high are participated in producing TV program

Student reporters tried to shoot stricken towns in tracing back to their pleasant memories before the disaster.


10 students from elementary and junior high schools in Ohfunato City participated in producing TV program. It is a part of the project named “Children’s TV Studio in SummerVacation” made up by Tokai University School of Letters, Media Studies Department. One TV program in 30 minutes will be produced by the three parties and will be shown on August 10. It will be delivered to cable TV studios in various cities and towns. Under the guidance of University students, children choose their theme and cover an event, do shooting, and finally edit it to 30-minute program. Two students from Ohfunato-daiichi Junior High School have chosen ‘memory’ as their theme. ‘I could remember that a bowl of cold noodle was delicious in this restarurant.’ A student staff reported in front of the stricken building with only a steel-frame and broken wall, while shooting. ‘That’s a tsunami sign here! I could not recognize before.) Ms. Sena Takahashi (13) reported when she find a blue sigh board on the wall. ‘A fireworks display was cancelled this year. I would like to put on my Yukata kimono and enjoy seeing it again.’ Ms. Souko Kawabata (14) reported and started shooting. ‘Origin of own names’ and ‘Neighboring Park’ are themes chosen by two parties consisted of elementary children. ‘Although, I could not go swimming in the sea this summer, it is interesting to participate in producing TV program.’ Ms. Kiri Ohtsu (10) talked.

‘Donguri House’ is built by the temporary house team of ‘3.11 Life Care Project’ by Tokai University


The program will be shown on August 10 twice at 16:00 and 18:00 at the temporary community center ‘Donguri House’ or acorn house in Tomari community, Okirai, Sanriku Town. “Children’s TV Studio in Summer Vacation” is performed under ‘3.11 Life Care Project’ by Tokai University. ‘Donguri House’ is also built by the temporary house team of the Project.


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