Iwate Prefecture completed all temporary houses for the tsunami victim families

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

4,042 houses in 90 housing complexes in Kesen District


Temporary housing complexes in Takkon and Ikawa Towns, Ofunato City


All required temporary houses for the tsunami victim families in Kesen district have been completed by the end of July. Iwate prefecture totally built 4,042 temporary hoses in 90 housing complexes. Originally, 6,042 houses were required by both Ohfunato and Rikuzen-takata cities, but reduced 2,000 houses from the original requirement at last. The prefecture also built other community life style 3 temporary houses for welfare use.

Now ‘permanent public housing for the victim citizens’ has started as the next step of reconstruction. These municipal permanent housing will be provided for the victim families who will not be able to rebuilt own houses.

The earliest temporary houses among three prefectures along the seaside were built by Iwate Prefecture at the school ground of Takata-daiichi Junior High on March 19.

Ohfunato City originally proposed 2,091 houses but finally reduced to 1,801 houses and Rikuzen-takata from 4,000 houses to 2,148.

Characteristic wooden temporary houses in Sumita Town


In addition, the prefecture purchased 93 temporary houses built by Sumita Town, so that totally 4,042 houses are provided by Iwate Prefecture.

Tsunami victim families could move in to the temporary houses soon after the completion accordingly. Non-occupied temporary houses will be provided soon after electrical home appliances are equipped by Japan Red Cross.

Occupancy rate of temporary houses in Ohfunato City is now 92%, Rikuzen-takata City is 76%, and Sumita Town is 100% respectively.

School grounds, parks, and private own lands are used as the sites of the houses. 90 housing complexes; 37 in Ohfunato City, 50 in Rikuzen-takata City, and 3 in Sumita Town, are built by the prefecture. 

According to the Prefectural Public Engineering Works Office in Ohfunato City, the completion of the houses were a little behind of the original schedule, because of difficulty in finding sites, a shortage of workers and so on. Characteristic temporary houses were built by prefabricated building makers, house makers and other applied construction companies. Alterations and modifications, after moved in, are also performed on request by the resident, such as putting a slope or handle at the entrance, tatami-mats to floor as well. In addition, insulating material and window screens are equipped for temporary houses in which bare steel-frames are seen inside.

A housing complex consisting of more than 50 temporary houses always has a community center, and even a housing complex with less than 50 houses, a chatting room is built if it has available land space. If there is still available space in a complex, playground equipments for children, benches, and garden planters are arranged. The term for living is originally 2 years but there is a possibility of extension in every one year.

The Iwate Prefecture will complete construction of all 13,983 temporary houses in 319 housing complexes, including additional requirement of 150 houses which was ordered last month.

The community life style 3 temporary houses for welfare use were ‘Sanson-hiroba’ in Okirai community, Sanriku Town, ‘Matsubara-home’ in Takata Town, and ‘Asunaro-home’ in Yonesaki Town both in Rikuzen-takata City.

A community life style house has about 300 square meters. It is consisted of 10 private rooms, a dining room, and an office. Rest room and bathroom are in a public space. The community life style houses were also built for the Great Hanshin earthquake in 1995 and the Chūetsu Earthquakes in 2004. Two of among three houses were already handed over to Rekuzen-takata City. ‘Sanson-hiroba’ in Okirai Community, Sanriku Town will be handed over to Ohfunato City within August, after installation of sprinklers.



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