Our new gate ball ground is ready to play!

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Volunteer people participated to make handmade gate ball ground for local elders

A handmade gate ball ground was completed at Okirai Community in Sanriku Town on August 17. Just after the completion, local gate ball enthusiasts enjoyed playing games after a long time. Mr. Kazuhiro Katayama (60) suggested this plan first to provide a place of rest and relaxation for local elders. Volunteers, such as students and working members of society from the Tokyo metropolitan area participated to his plan. An empty lot just beside the community park ‘Minna-no-nakayoshi-hiroba’ is used as the gate ball ground. Volunteer people cleared rubbles from the site and covered it by sands. They also picked up suitable timbers from rubbles and made roofed benches for shade from the sunshine.

‘We used to play at the play ground of the community center, but it is temporarily used as a shelter for victim families, so that we had no place to play. We are glad to play at the new ground. We can so absorb in playing that we forgot all about the tsunami.’ Ms. Tadako Yanagimoto (90) looked so exited about.

‘If the play ground used as a communication plaza among local children and elders, I would be happy enough.’ The original planer Mr. Katayama congratulated the completion of the ground.



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