Original T Shirts supporting Ohfunato City are getting popular

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Uniform used among members of volunteer teams to Ohfunato City from 4 cities and 5 towns in Ohsumi Peninsula in Kagoshima


Original T shirts were used as a uniform for volunteer members to Ohfunato City from the Ohsumi Peninsula in Kagoshima


A team of volunteer people to Ohfunato City from the Ohsumi Peninsula in Kagoshimi Prefecture are putting on their original design T shirts as a kind of uniform. This purple color T shirt is getting popular among people including other supporting groups and citizens in Ohfunato.

Original design T shirts are available for the general uses and profits from the sale will be contributed to reconstruction for Ohfunato City. Large white Japanese letters ‘がんばっぺ!大船渡!!’ are printed on the purple color T shirt which means “we’ll stick it out! Ohfunato!!”

A municipal officer from Tarumi City designed it when he participated as a volunteer member of the fourth supporting team to Ohfunato City in April. The T shirts were made at a dye works in Ohfunato City. The forth team members worn this T shirts at the site when they supporting local citizens. The original design T shirts were gradually getting popular among other volunteer people including municipal officers and local citizens in Ohfunato City.

The T shirts are available at Ikawa Community Center where the team is based and over 300 shirts have been sold. ‘We felt happy when we found the T shirts among hanging laundry out to dry and citizens putting them in towns.’ Ms. Misako Makino and Ms. Maki Ohguch, the hygienists from Shibushi City in the 24th volunteer team, realize its popularity when they made their rounds in temporary housing zones for tsunami victim families.

The T shirts are also available at ‘the Community FM Network in Ohsumi Peninsula’ in Kagoshima Prefecture.

T shirts are getting popular among people because they can support victims in Ohfunato City just purchase and wear the T shirts.

‘Most municipal officers in Kimotsuki Town including the volunteer members to Ohfunato City might have these original T shirts.’ Mr. Shigeji Tokushige, the commanding officer of the 25th volunteer team, thinks.

The T shirts have been sold over 1,900 pieces both in Ohfunato City and Kagoshima Prefecture. They contributed 100,000 yen from the profit each to the Ohfunato Fishermen Organization and the Executive Committee for Star Festival in Sakari Town.

They are trying to contribute money to other occasions in Ohfunato City.

The original T shirt is 2,000 yen a piece. You can purchase it at at ‘the Community FM Network in Ohsumi Peninsula’ in Kagoshima Prefecture http://www.0033fm.net/. It is also available at ‘Ikawa Community Center’ in Ohfunato City by the end of August.

Please ask phone no. 0994-41-1485/the Community FM Network in Ohsumi Peninsula.

The Ōsumi Peninsula (大隅半島,) projects south from the Japanese island of Kyushu and includes the southernmost point on the island, Cape Sata. Its east coast lies on the Pacific Ocean, while to the west it faces the Satsuma Peninsula across Kagoshima Bay. Politically it is part of Kagoshima Prefecture.

Since 1914 a land bridge has connected Sakurajima Island with the northwest of the peninsula.




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