Pacific saury this year put on fat well

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


The first land of Pacific saury to Ohfunato Fish Market

A large quantity of Pacific saury was landed to Ohfunato Fish Market on August 22. The landing of Pacific saury was the first time this year. No. 38 Fukuyoshi-maru (170 tons) operated fishing on August 19 and 20 in the sea 110 miles off the north-eastern Hokkaido, and sailed back to Ohfunato port in about 30 hours and arrived at about 11.00. The first land of Pacific saury this year was 16 days earlier than that of last year. The first land of Pacific saury got fish brokers and other people in charge together in the market. They carefully examined the bodies of land Pacific saury put on fat.

The fishes were auctioned off right after landing, and the marketplace started to hum with loud voices. The members of the fish market staff and fish brokers raised their vivid voices in the auction.

About 90% of fishes were over 160g a piece. They were sold between 538 yen and 650 yen at the auction in which lower than last year. The fishes were shipped to Tohoku, Kanto, and Kansai districts after the auction.

According to fishermen on Fukuyoshi-maru, sizes of fish are larger, and put on fat well, but their school of fishes is rather thin compared to usual years.

The fish market had been buried in rubbles caused by the tsunami on March 11, but rubbles were cleared through reconstruction work.

‘Pacific saury this year looks put on fat. Although, the fish market has not been perfect, we would like to take advantage of this opportunity and hang on till complete recovery from the disaster.’ Mr. Manabu Goto (48), a local seafood wholesaler, expressed.

‘The Pacific saury is fresh enough and put fat well. It is a good sign for us while local seafood related facilities such as cold storages, are recovering.’ Mr. Nobuo Niinuma (69), the bureau chief of the Ohfunato Sightseeing and Products Association, talked in smile.   


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