The Dinosaur EXPO 2011 at the National Museum of Nature and Science in TOKYO

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The National Museum of Nature and Science, Tokyo, holds the Dinosaur EXPO 2011 this summer (July 2nd to October 2nd).
What are the most popular dinosaurs? You must name Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops. The expo shows you the skeletal preparations of these two stars facing each other. They seem to be ready to fight! Besides, the expo reveals the latest research outcomes – what are the Tyrannosaurs’ short forefeet for? What direction do Triceratops’ feet go? etc.

The two stars face each other!

At end of the 1st exhibition hall, CG-animated movie of the fight between Tyrannosaurus and Triceratops is shown.

At the 2nd exhibition hall, the current fossil research as well all the fossils themselves in Tohoku region are displayed. The Great East Japan Earthquake gave great damage to the sample data preserved in this region. The panels introduce the story of the volunteer workers and various museums, which have been working hard to rescue the damaged samples. The activity is called “The Sample Rescue”.

My elder son and I visited the EXPO during the summer vacation. So many visitors were impressed with various displays just as we were. According the website of the museum (, the number of the visitors surpassed 300,000 as of August 18th.
The official site of the Dinosaur EXPO 2011;

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