Gunma Museum of Natural History

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The special exhibition is on Spinosaurus.

   Let me introduce another Dinosaur exhibition my family and I visited this summer – Gunma Museum of Natural History. The museum now holds the special exhibition featuring the mysterious gigantic Spinosaurus, which is even bigger than Tyrannosaurus. Since the fossil of a Spinosaurus was first found in Egypt in 1915, it took a century to restore this dinosaur because of the lack of enough data. The highlight of the exhibition is its skeletal preparations and the life-sized model – the length 17m, and the height 6m. How to build up the model is introduced in the following youtube;

The regular exhibition displays many dinosaurs.

   The regular exhibition also fulfills the expectations of dinosaur lovers. The life-sized Tyrannosaurus really moves! The skeletal preparations of Brachiosaurus are huge and astonishing.

   Kita-Kanto Expressway enabled us to get to the Museum from Utsunomiya-city in no more than two hours! It was an exciting one-day trip! It would be a good one-day trip for those who stay in Tokyo.

★Gunma Museum of Natural History

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