Fresh Pacific sauries from Ohfunato Port directly deliver to customers

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


NPO, Peace Winds Japan supported the Executive Committee of Ohfunato Pacific Saury Festival’ 

‘Direct delivery service of Pacific saury from Ohfunato Port’ has started accepting orders on August 22 this season. The delivery service has been provided by the executive committee of Ohfunato Pacific Saury Festival’ which is consisted of fish dealers in the city. The committee purchased fish at the fish market and selects larger fishes in more than 150 g a piece before packing. These packages were sent to customers all over Japan at evening during the season every year. Pacific Saury from Ohfunato Port is very popular because of its freshness. Fresh Pacific sauries directly delivered form Ohfunato Port can be eaten in Sashimi.

The delivery service has been provided since 1986. The tsunami on March 11 washed away their prefabricated two-story workshop. Meanwhile, some customers inquired of delivery for this season to Mr. Sasaki, the chairman of the committee, by cell phone.

Although, most members almost gave up direct delivering this season, NPO, Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) supported the committee and pitched a big tent as their temporary workshop at their original site. PWJ also provided forklifts and personal computers for their use.

‘We are ready delivering fresh sauries for this season. We rally appreciate the support from Peace Winds Japan.’ Mr. Eiichi Sasaki, the chairman of the committee, said.

The temporary workshop & the ceremony of 1st delivery service


The service in this season is specially named as ‘Direct Delivery Service of Pacific Sauries from Ohfunato Port for Reconstruction’. The committee has started accepting orders on August 22, and a large number of orders from all over Japan have been already accepted. About 23,000 packages are delivered in a usual season, but it was about 17,000 packages last year because of a poor catch. The committee expects delivering at least 23,000 packages this season.

‘We have to select and pack Pacific sauries by hand this year. Even in that inappropriate condition, we must send better quality of fish to customers.’ The chairman, Mr. Sasaki expressed.


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