Characteristic Japanese-style special rooms have attractive open-air bath

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‘Yunokura Tsuruya’ has 6 special rooms with outdoor bath and 18 standard type rooms 




‘Yunokura Tsuruya’ has only limited number of guest rooms. There are 18 standard type rooms, and 6 special rooms with outdoor bath.

Bathtub in the rooms is made either ‘Hinoki’ Japanese cypress or chinaware. Sizes are varied from small rooms for a couple to larger special suite for 8 guests.     


10-tatami  Japanese room with open-air china bath


This 10-tatami mat room has a small chine ware bathtub placed outdoor. It is recommendable for guest who likes to enjoy natural hot spring in reasonable charge.  It is located on the 3rd floor and also has a standard type inner bath.



Special suite with open-air Hinoki bath


This type special suite is consisted of 10-tatami, 6-tatami room, a small veranda, and a small terrace with outdoor bath made of ‘Hinoki’ Japanese cypress. It is large enough to accommodate 8 guests. Room rate including two meals per person is over 21,000 yen.


8-tatami room with open-air Hinoki bath


This type is suitable for two people located on the second floor. A traditional ‘Hinoki’ Japanese cypress bath is arranged on outside terrace.



The standard type rooms are laid out on the 2nd and 3rd floors. Some of them are traditional Japanese tatami rooms and others room are furnished half in Japanese style and half in Western style. No lift for these guest rooms is equipped because of its small scale of facility.

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Monthly Hotel Ryokan February 2011

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