Two expecting school sites on high ground are proposed by the Ohfunato City Board of Education

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Reconstruction committee for both elementary and junior high schools in Akasaki Town

Tsunami flooded Akasaki Elementary (left) and Junior High (right) Schools


Akasaki Town in Ohfunato lost its elementary and junior high schools by the tsunami on March 11. The reconstruction committee for both schools is inaugurated on September 5, which is consisted of 20 residents in the town.

The Board of Education of the city proposed two possible sites to the committee for both schools on high ground.

The school children of the Akasaki Elementary School are temporarily attending to classes in nearest Takonoura Elementary School. Some residents propose combining of theses two schools instead of reconstruction of the school.

The committee appointed Mr. Tadao Yoshida as the chairman, and Mr. Chutaro Konno and Mr. Katsuhisa Ishibashi as vice chairmen.

School buildings were left but completely flooded by the tsunami


The proposal of school reconstruction plan was presented by the Ohfunato City Board of Education. The board proposed the following points

Four basic points of reconstruction:

  1. As a place where students can take independent action.
  2. As a place for education of students in enrich the content.
  3. As a place of community center.
  4. And as a place for evacuation place.

Three basic points for selection of the school site:

  1. Safe against natural disasters.
  2. Appropriate place for education and disaster measures.
  3. Locate in almost the center of the community.



View Akasaki Elementary School in a larger map

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