Tokyo Disney Sea celebrating its 10th anniversary

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 Tokyo Disney Sea celebrated its 10th anniversary on this Sep.4th. 

There had been about 13,000 visitors standing in line before the Sea was open, and all of them were welcomed by about 1oo staffers clad in special costumes. Then the special memorial ceremony was hosted by the management and chairperson of the operating company of  Tokyo Disney Resort ,Oriental Land Co.,Ltd., Toshio Kagami gave a speech saying, “We would like to make smiles using our Disney’s magic  in order to make Japan in the bright future, overcoming the damages of  the earthquake disaster”, and no sooner did president Kyohichiro Uenishi show up with Mickey Mouse and Minny Mouse shouting the declaration of “Be magical !”  than  the Prometheus Volcano  in the central area suddenly erupted, which was  followed by a lot of applause.

The memorial event called “Be Magical!”  is being held in the Mediterranean Sea area with  flashy dance performances.

The memorial events will be hosted twice a day in principle except for special periods such as the Christmas week  until March 19th 2012.

In fron of Aquasphere in Disney Sea Plaza, now there are special memorial “Magical Hat” monuments having the shape of  giant sorcerer’s hats.

Tokyo Disney Resort  underwent a sharp decrease in the gross sum of the revenue since the earthquakeand tsunami disaster in March, however, the revenue and the number of visitors both have been increasing since this July, which clearly shows the recovery from the financial damages  caused by the disaster slowly but steadily.

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