A long-awaited brand new fishing boat was completed

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


A launching ceremony for new fishing boat was performed on September 10 at Hosoura Fishing Port 

A launching ceremony for new fishing boat was performed on September 10 at Hosoura Fishing Port, Massaki Town, Ohfunato City which is the first time after the tsunami. Colorful good haul flags were held high on the fishing boat, and it bravely made cruising around the port on that day. The new fishing boat made calls at fishing ports at Akasaki, Ohfunato, and Shimo-ohfunato for ‘Ohirome’ or demonstration of the brand new boat, and finally arrived in her home port ‘Massaki Fishing Port.’ Large number of fishermen including local residents at every port welcomed the new boat. The crew members and other people concerned of the new boat threw rice cakes from the ship praying for safe fishing and also big catch.

According to the Fishing Boat Insurance Union in Iwate Prefecture, it is the first completion of new boat after the tsunami for fixed shore net fishing in Iwate Prefecture.

The brand new fishing boat is ‘No. 8 Ohhamamaru’ (19 tons) belongs to the Ohfunato Fishermen’s Association. The fishermen’s association lost 3 boats among 4, and one boat left was also greatly damaged at the tsunami. Fixed shore net fishing requires at least two fishing boats so they can restart fishing after that broken boat is repaired. The new fishing boat was built at the Murata Shipyard in Nagato City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. The fishermen’s association squeezed the money for the new boat out of the funds on hand and from donation for reconstruction.

‘We like to mark this day as the first step of reconstruction for Ohfunato Fishermen’s Association.’ The president, Mr. Iwawaki expects good work for the boat.

‘I feel something like having a good partner. We would like to recover and reconstruct our port as soon as possible. We are really looking forward to first catch of fishes.’ The chief fisherman, Mr. Katsuhiro Ohwada, expressed.







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