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Unified regeneration of 2 long-established Japanese inns to one current style Onsen & spa resort in creating a great deal of Japanese atmosphere 


‘Tofuya’, one of the long established Japanese inns in ‘Yoshina Onsen Resort’ renamed as ‘Tofuya Resort & Spa-Izu’ and restarted its business under the new management ‘R&M Resorts co. on November 3, 2010. The new management company is one of the groups under famous resort hotel, ‘Akakura Kanko Hotel’ in Niigata Prefecture.

The long established Japanese inn was totally renovated and employ management know-how in the resort hotel industry from the famed resort hotel in Japan, under the new concept ‘Authentic Japanese Resort harmonized in Tradition and Modern’.

As well as constructing of a new reception house, its annex building built in 1987and west house built in 1991 are remodeled while trying to make good use of these buildings as much as they can.

Although, number of total guest rooms is reduced to 23 from 30, its total premises are expanded because the new management purchased a neighboring Japanese inn ‘Taisho-kan Hosen’.

Yoshina Onsen Resort is located in Yoshina, Izu city, Shizuoka Prefecture. It is well known as ‘Kdakara-no-yu or good cure hot spring for sterility lady ’. It is in a mountain village along Yoshina-gawa river where is surrounded by rich natural forest of Mt. Amagi.

Buddhist temple ‘Zenmyoji’ & Ieyasu Tokugawa’s mistress ‘Odai-no-kata


The chemical properties of hot spring water are simple and weak alkaline.

The output of hot spring water is 500 liters in a minute and its temperature ranges from 44 to 55 centigrade. The hot spring has prospered in long years as an Onsen for visitors to Zenmyoji Temple. It is said that ‘Gyoki’, a famed Buddhist great teacher and the founder of the Zemyoji Temple, discovered the hot spring in 724. The good cure hot spring for lady has become nationally known since ‘Oman-no-kata, or an Ieyasu Tokugawa’s mistress, was given two babies after stayed and prayed for being blessed with children.

There are only three Japanese inns  such as ‘Sakaya’ and ‘Hosen’, including ‘Tofuya’, all which have more than 400 year-history, and source of hot spring used to be owned by each inn. But all three sources are now under the joint control of the Yoshina Onsen Business Association.

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For travelers from overseas

As a certified guide-interpreter in English and also a writer of the website “Cool Japan Guide”, I am very happy to introduce ‘Tofuya Resort & Spa-Izu’  in ‘Yoshina Onsen Resort’, Izu city, Shizuoka If you have something to ask, please feel free to contact us. Thank you for your kind cooperation, I am looking forward to your contact.

Please Contact Us/お問合せ

Introduction of the specialist for Onsen design

I would like to introduce one of the best Japanese architects, Mr. Hiroshi Ebisawa, who is specialized in Onsen facility.

Please contact: http://www.e-koubo.co.jp/

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