A fight song for tsunami victims ‘Let’s return to home’

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


‘LAWBLOW’ send a song from Ohfunato City 

A song ‘Let’s return to home’ composed and sung by a music group ‘LAWBLOW’, is steadily getting popular as a fight song for tsunami victims who try to recover from the disaster. ‘LAWBLOW’ is consisted of Mr. Kazuya Satomi (25) and Mr. Jun Sugawara (32) both are based in Ohfunato City.

Mr. Sugawara had worked for a swimming school but lost his job after the tsunami. Mr. Satome lost his scallop nursery at the tsunami and was forced to work for removing rubbles at the stricken site.

‘Let’s return to home’ as a title and repetition phrases in this song prayed for earlier return to a normal living condition. A life-sized message touches our heart, ‘Although, we lost our past, we will be able to create our future.’

The song was composed and started on air at local TV and radios in April, such as on the program ‘Songs for Everybody in Iwate Prefecture’ broadcasted by NHK Morioka Station. Response from the audiences was very quick.

LAWBLOW’s new album including ‘Let’s return to home’ has been available since July. A promotion video shooting was taken in Ohfunato City. On the video, residents of the stricken city, including fishermen, construction workers, senior high school students and kindergarteners, sing the song together with the stricken streets in the background.

‘LAWBLOW’ has been on live concerts mainly in Morioka City and Sendai City.



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