A volunteer team from Kobe University came back to Akasaki Town for supporting tsunami victims

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

A volunteer team from Kobe University revisited Akasaki Town, Ohfunato City and has based on the Akasaki Fishing Village Center for supporting tsunami victims. They had once stayed there in May when the center was used as the emergency shelter for tsunami victims. Compare to the last visit, requirements from local people have been changed so they are trying to be handymen for residents living in the temporary houses.

The volunteer team under the title ‘The Work Camp Project for Supporting Ohfunato City’ is consisted of 28 members mainly from Kobe University, including students from other four universities and working members of society. 20 members among them have started supporting activities since September 18. Their main purpose is promoting friendship while helping local residents.

The volunteer team had communicated with Mr. Tadao Yoshida, the director of the center, and an advance visiting team distributed handbills to each temporary house to catch their requisitions beforehand. Making benches was their first jobs on September 18 according to the requirement from the residents.

They had a strategy meeting with Mr. Yoshida at night to cope with many requirements such as ‘setting up of website’, ‘escorting of shopping’ and additional new requests gathered while they communicated with residents.

‘We sometimes have something hard to ask neighbors. They are very helpful.’ The director of the community center appreciates their support.

‘Although, we directly participated in volunteer activities before getting permission from the volunteer center of the city in May, local people in Akasaki had warmly accepted our offer. And this time, Kobe University is welcomed again. We would like to keep communication with people in Akasaki for long.’ Mr. Takehiro Azuma, a sophomore of Kobe University, declares his determination.



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