Gundam AGE Anime’s TV CM

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The official website for Sunrise’s Gundam AGE television anime series began streaming a 15-second television ad for the series.

Gundam AGE

Gundam AGE’s story will cover a century and three generations of Gundam pilots.

In the year A.G. 101 (Advanced Generation) ― several hundred years after human have migrated into space ― an Unknown Enemy (UE) suddenly attacks the space colony Angel and destroys it. This tragedy later became known as “The Day the Angel Fell From the Skies.”

In A.G. 108, the war with the UE comes to the home colony of seven-year-old Furitto Asuno. After losing his mother to the war, he is entrusted with the “AGE Device,” a memory unit which has been handed down from generation to generation in his family. The device contains blueprints for “Gundam,” an ancient mobile suit known as a savior. Furitto resolves to build the Gundam.

In the year A.G. 115, 14-year-old Furitto is at the Earth Federation base Arinsuton on the space colony Nora. For seven years, Furitto has continued developing with the base’s engineers, and at last the “Gundam” is complete. The Gundam is equipped with the AGE System, which allows the unit to automatically evolve. However, the UE has arrived at Nora, and Furitto must fight in the very Gundam he built himself.

Gundam AGE is set to premiere on October 9 in Japan.

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