Rare natural beauty was the key of take over

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Although, it could be said ‘revitalization of a long-established Japanese inn’ in a straightforward expression, why took over by Akakura Kanko Hotel. Rare natural beauty of surrounding area was the key of take over for a one of the well-known resort hotels in Japan. They were interested in its potential attraction of the long established old inn.

A number of guest houses are built along ‘Yoshina-gawa’ river in the precinct and an original atmosphere of Japanese scenery is still preserved there. A part of facilities were required to be renovated and also its surrounding nature was not kept well. However, the old inn could be able to regenerate again if proper renovation and struck-and-build are done while preserving its valuable and attractive facilities.

Key point of the renovation was choosing which facilities must be kept untouched and which would be remodeled. Original inn was consisted of three guest houses; the main house was built in 1960, the annex in 1987 which was connected with the main house through the corridor, and the west house in 1991. The guest rooms were 30 and could accommodate 173 guests altogether. A large amount of investment were required if total struck-and-build, including maintenance of surrounding nature, was done. The new management had also considered that tasteful appearance of 400 year-history of long established inn must be kept.

After a long and careful consideration, the first impression is one of the key factors for arrival guest so that the existing old main guest house must be dismantled and a new entrance hall would be constructed for creating authentic atmosphere of resort hotel.

The new entrance hall with approach was come to the fore front rather than deeper area of the old guest house. Spacious in height and floor space, a lobby lounge with hearth, library, reception, and souvenir shop are laid out in the new entrance hall. Arrival guests now can check in while enjoying a cup of welcome drink at the lobby lounge.

A large amount of investment was put on the remodeling of Japanese restaurant ‘Kaiseki-chaya Mizuoto’. Old timber of beams and posts from the Edo period house were reused for creating new atmosphere in a thatched roof building. And a terrace deck with an outdoor fireplace and bar was additionally built along the river. The Japanese restaurant was reborn as really a resort style eating place.

Not only renovation of facilities, but function of service has been changed. Last time, all arrivals must take their shoes off at the entrance before step in to the guest house, but all guests are now putting their own shoes or ‘geta’ or Japanese clog. The old main kitchen was moved to beside of the Japanese restaurant, because almost all of breakfast and dinner are served at the renovated restaurant.

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