Volunteer female staffs from foreign countries performed beautiful Japanese dancing

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-


Five ladies under the international volunteer group ‘All Hands’ 

Five female staffs under the international volunteer group ‘All Hands’ visited to console the people in the daycare nursing home for elderly people in Sakari Town on September 27. These ladies born in foreign countries, such as Hong Kong, U.S.A., and U.K., have participated in volunteer activities in Ohfunato and Rikuzen-takata Cities. Young foreign ladies demonstrate their Japanese dancing which they have trained since August under the guidance of Ms. Noriko Sakamoto.

They started learn Japanese dancing as they participated to local star festival in Sakari Town on August 6 and 7 and have continued training while they have engaged in volunteer activities. Their demonstrations of Japanese dancing counted already three times. Including this time, one performance was at the event called ‘Three Big Festivals in North Tohoku’ held in Sakari Town on September 3 and another was at the meeting to show respect for the aged held in Takkon Town on September 18. Contrary to usual working clothes of T-shirt with Jeans, they put in beautiful ‘Yukata’ or cotton kimono with a flower pattern this day.

‘Nan to menkoi!’ ‘Minna kawaii goto!’ → ‘They are cute!’ All elderly people in the home were surprised at their beautifully changed looking with saying in local dialect. Five foreign ladies performed Japanese dancing in a graceful feminine carriage with Japanese songs such as ‘Sakura Sakura or cherry blossoms’ and ‘Kojo-no Tsuki or the moon at the old castle ’. Their third dancing, on the other hand, was changed cheerfully with a local song ‘Ohfunato in Sanriki’. They danced beating time with elder people’s hands with shouts of encouragement ‘wa-shoi, wa-shoi!’ They exchanged communication with elderly people and took commemorative pictures after the demonstration.

Ms. Wayne (24) from U.S.A said fluently in Japanese. ‘I have been interested in Japan since my childhood. Especially, I really liked to train Japanese dancing. I am happy because my dream came true.’

‘All of them are very earnest in training and their dancing has improved remarkably. Actually, I was encouraged by them while I was in despair after the disaster. I enjoyed training Japanese dancing to them. The instructor, Ms. Sakamoto, was glad to repay for support activities done by ‘All Hans’ at the stricken towns in Ohfunato City.



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