Spa Resort Hawaiians in Iwaki, Fukushima partially reopen with admission fee 50% discount

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“Spa Resort Hawaiians”, a popular spa resort in Iwaki City in Fukushima Pref. reopened on this Oct 1st for the first time in 200 days, since the huge earthquake and tsunami disaster in Tohoku on March 11th.

This time the resort partially reopened with ,such as the four spa facilities including a huge open-air bath and a part of accommodation facility.  The main facility called “Water Park” and a new hotel under construction are scheduled to be open in the next January.

Just before the opening time 10:00am, there were more than 200 people standing in line to wait for the reopening.  And a special reopening ceremony was hosted by the operation company  Joban Kosan Co.,Ltd..  At the ceremony, the famous hula team of this resort, Hula Girls of 28 members  performed a special hula show.

The team leader Maluhia Yukari said, “Now we finally have this day because  you have always given us warm encouragements and supports. “


And the president Kazuhiko Saito made a speech saying, “We would keep exerting every effort co-operating with local communities to make our resort more pleasant than it was before the earthquake disaster. Before the disaster we used to served 380,000  overnight guests and  1.5 million one-day visitors a year. We aim to regain the same level number of visitors before the disaster in three years, primarily implementing endeavors to dispel damages caused by harmful rumers. ”

Yu Aoi, a popular young female actor who played a main character of a movie “Hula Girl”(/フラガール) ( that described the back story of this resort in 2006, and  Shizuyo Yamazaki , a popular  vaudevillian who played a part in the movie as well , attended the ceremony.  Aoi said,”Though I am not from Fukushima, still I feel as if this place were my real home. I really would like to come up with what I can do and carry them out to help peoeple here.”, while Yamazaki said,”I am very happy for every one here gives us such a warm welcome.”. 

Yu Aoi playing a part of the hula team member girl in the "Hula Girl"


Shizuyo Yamazaki


The admission fee of the resort is half- priced during the partial operation period as follows;

Adult(a junior high school student or older) : ¥1500  (normally:¥3150), Child (an elementary school pupil):¥800(normally: ¥2000), and   Infant ( a 3-year-old or older and younger than a Child  kid):¥500 (normally:¥1400), and there are some other discount rates for groups and the disabled.

Upon the grand opening scheduled in the next January, the fee prices are to be resumed to the normal ones.

Originally, the resort was founded in order to reinvigorate the area which once had been prosperous with mining industry and had become deteriorated after the total closure of the mines. The project of the spa resort was dramatically successful and led that area to  flourishing again. That historical back story and success were described in the above mentined movie. Therefore, people hope the resort “again” will work as a messiah  to save the area or whole of Fukushima which is now suffering from the radiation problem and other aftermaths of the disaster. I do hope that will work to bring good rebuilding and prosperity again soon as well.


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