New biotechnology measure was employed for disposing heavy oil

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Heavy oil, washed ashore in Ohfunato port at the tsunami on March 11, will manure the land. Demonstrative experimentation of production of manure from heavy oil through resolution by microbes has started at the factory site in Ohfunato town on October 7. Collected waste heavy oil is usually incinerated with adsorbent. This new disposal measure of waste heavy oil takes less environmental responsibility because it is expected to reduce volume of carbon dioxide emission.

Oita Industrial Research Institute (OIRI) has the patent and proposed the demonstrative experimentation to Ohfunato city for recovery of environment. The research institute in Oita prefecture had taken this biotechnology in 2004 at the capsized freighter in Mokuzai port in Hiroshima. The same experiment was employed in 6 prefectures already and a compost maker in Yamaguchi prefecture is trying employing this biotechnology.

Oita Industrial Research Institute (OIRI)

Tips of cedar bark in cotton bags are used as adsorbent in the experiment this time. About 250 litters heavy oil liquid and the adsorbent are buried into the mount of about 100 cubic meters raw materials for manure, which are mixture of larch bark and chicken droppings and others. It shall be mixed once in every two weeks then manure will be produced in 6 months.

An about 100 meters wide, 50 meters long, and 1,000 litter heavy oil washed ashore around Nagahama and Yamaguchi communities in Akasaki town at the tsunami. Only about 100 litters of heavy oil were burnt up in June by the volunteer people.


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