A large number of problems on the subject of city reconstruction scheme

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

Settlement of reconstruction plan for stricken sites which were damaged by the East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster has been carried on forward at every local government. A full-scale argument for rebuilding of houses and communities will be carried out at the next stage.

Hyogo prefecture has begun dispatching of consultants to these local governments, who experienced the Great Hanshin earthquake or Kobe earthquake in 1995. However, the experienced consultants will confront a large number of problems to be solved, such as movement of housing sites to higher ground and making better use of tsunami flooded sites, which are hard to reach a consensus.  

Already seven months have passed since the disaster. The experts from Hyogo prefecture must grope their own way to support stricken cities in reconstruction.

Prof. Shiozaki from Kobe University and Mayor Mr. Toda


The death toll and still missing from the disaster have reached 446 in Ohfunato city as of September 29, 2011. The committee on reconstruction of Ohfunato city, headed by Professor Yoshimitsu Shiozaki from Kobe University, proposed the reconstruction scheme on September 6. The schema listed on about 230 projects, including moving of housing sites to higher ground and rebuilding of houses for victim families.

‘We have tried hearing opinions from citizens in every community which process is learned from experience in Kobe earthquake in 1995.’ Professor Shiozaki admits.

The committee is going to settle a basic policy on making a better use of tsunami flooded sites in every community, as such in housing, commercial, business, and danger zones. However, citizens could not conceal their irritation on slow process of settlement caused by delay of revised national budget that makes reconstruction projects feasible.

A man (61) who built his temporary fish shop in the seaside area where the ground has been sinking complained. ‘I could not bring my business step forward if this place is settled usable or not for my fish shop.’

A staff member from Takarazuka city dispatched in September to Onagawa town in Miyagi prefecture says, ‘I have many citizens who worry about possibility of rebuilding of houses at their original sites. This trend is something different from our case in 1995. ’

Mr. Ryuichi Nozaki

Hyogo prefectural government has started dispatching advisors to stricken cities and towns, who support voices from citizens in September. An architectural consultant in Kobe city, Mr. Ryuichi Nozaki (68) had exchanged views on the reconstruction matter with citizens in Kesennuma city, Miyagi prefecture in the middle of September. The city has already settled its reconstruction scheme. He is about to held consultations with not all the citizens but only those interested in the matter. Citizens from the districts subject to moving houses worry on their village shrines and succession of traditional local events. Over 20% of residents left from some districts.

The city planning, such as land readjustment project had settled within two months after Kobe earthquake in 1995. The forcible style of prompt settlement put some citizens off.

‘If the scheme is settled by a consultant under the large organization, towns tend to be formed something different from citizen’s desires.’ Mr. Nozaki worried. He urges citizens to set up conference for reconstruction of their town.



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