‘Sanma lamen’ or bowls of Chinese noodles in soup seasoned with Pacific saury have comeback

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[From Ohfunato City-my stricken home town]

– East Japan Great Earthquake & Tsunami Disaster-

lamen 拉麺 or Chinese noodles in soup seasoned with ‘sanma’ or Pacific saury have gradually comeback serving in Ohfunato City. The fishing port of the city is ranked as one of the largest catch of Pacific saury in Japan.

On October 16, shopkeepers of Chinese noodle shops held a promotion event and served bowls of ‘Sanma lamen’ on free of charge. They are firmly determined to reconstruct their town in serving reasonable price of popular dishes.

Last year, a haul of Pacific saury in the Ohfunato city was about 21,700 tons and took fourth place in Japan. 10 of shopkeepers in the city has set up ‘Ohfunato Sanma Gourmet Society’ in 2010 and started serving each original style of ‘Sanma lamen’. Additional 3 Chinese noodle shops wanted to participate in the society just before the disaster. 5 among 13 shops were washed by the tsunami. Although, 8 shops left unhurt, they could not serve their original taste of ‘Sanma lamen’ because of power failure, no supply of water, and Pacific saury.

In the middle of September, the fishing season of saury was open, and a Chinese noodle shop named ‘Kokeshi’ in Sakari town has restarted serving ‘ground saury paste lamen’. However, freezing companies in the city have not been reconstructed yet. Supply of Pacific saury has not been guaranteed after the fishing season. ‘We would like to serve ‘ground saury paste lamen’ as long as we can.’ Mr. Kenji Ogata (60), the shopkeeper, hopes. Other 5 Chinese noodle shops in the city, including ‘Goishi Seaside Resthouse’, have restarted their own style ‘Sanma lamen.’ Additional 2 Chinese noodle shops are trying to serve their style ‘Sanma lamen’ at the expecting reconstruction event at ‘Goishi Seaside Resthouse’ on October 16. 300 bowls of free ‘Sanma lamen’ will be served at the event.

‘We would like to promote ‘Sanma lamen’ and try to recovery from the disaster through the event.’ Mr. Hirofumi Ogawa (57), the president of the society expressed.



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