Nadeshiko Sushi celebrating its first anniversary

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“Nadeshiko Sushi” that I wrote about here before (  hosted its one year anniversary party on the Oct. 1st.

Nadeshiko Sushi( was visited by about 40 attendees to the party at that night, all of whom had bought a special ticket to join it in advance…including myself !     

Actually the party was so fun. We played games such as “wasabi Russian roulette” at which only some of  about 40 sushi nigiri contained a lot of spicy wasabi(/green horseradish paste). I happened to draw that doomed one…but the game was fun.

The sushi chefs of Nadeshiko Sushi are all female, whose backgrounds are quite unique respectively. For example, some chefs are foreigners such as a Chinese studying Japanese and huge fan of video games, some are returnees from English speaking countries and speaking impeccable English, some  are idols or voice actors,and so forth.

That variety of the characters of the chefs is one of the best attractions of this sushi restaurant.  If you speak Chinese or English, some chefs there are to be your best servers, and if you are interested in  video games such as “Monster Hunter”, then, you will be most welcome, for the restaurant perodically hosts Monster Hunter events  on weekend nights. You can enjoy  visiting there in your own favorite styles.

At the anniversary party on the 1st, one chef graduated from the restaurant and one “apprentice” chef was promoted to a “full fledged” chef. So, a special ceremony to celebrate the two “leaving chef” and “new chef” was hosted by the owner, master, other chefs, and the attendees, which must be a memorable event for all the people there at that time.

Akihabara, the city where this special sushi restaurant is located, is the mecca of subculture of Japan or even the world today, such as manga, anime,games and so on. Nadeshiko Sushi is a symbol of a perfect harmony of old and pure traditional culture of Japan and up-to-date subculture. And in addition, this restaurant always welcomes not only Japanese but foreign customers who love sushi, Japanese cuisine, and old and new cultures here in Japan.

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