200-year old building reborn as an exclusive Japanese inn

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‘Migiwa-tei Ochi Kochi’ in Tomonoura Onsen / Vol. 1



A Japanese style inn ‘Migiwa-tei Ochi Kochi’ is opened in Tomonoura Onsen Resorts on November 1, 2010. It is located in one of the best place where beautiful views of ‘Benten-jima’ and ‘Sensui-jima’ islands are observed. It consists of a wooden structure of entrance hall built in the Edo period and a 5-floor guest house built in reinforced-concrete in the site of 1,105 square meters. 17 guest rooms, lobby lounge, dinning room, charter baths, esthetic salon, and relaxation rooms are skillfully arranged in the total floor space of 2,205 square meters.


‘Tomonoura Onsen’ is a hot spring resorts located in Fukuyama city, Hiroshima Prefecture. It will take about 30 minutes from Fukuyama Station on the Sanyo New Super-express Line by a car. It is within Setonaikai National Park and is very popular for its attractive scenery with a various islands dotted in Tomonoura inlet. Setonaikai National Park, is one of the national parks in Japan that covers the entire expanse of Japan’s Inland Sea. It was designated a national park in 1934. It contains about 3,000 islands. The well-known Itsukushima Island lies within the park.

A part of the old wooden structure was preserved for keeping what used to be in the Edo Period

Remodeled entrance hall 5-story guest house


The old Japanese inn used to be a long established ‘Taizankan Japanese Inn’ which had gone bankrupt two years ago. It is now under Tomo Skole Corporation and run by its subsidiary company ‘T.M. Clockwork’.

The old Japanese inn was consisted of three buildings, such as 5-floor guest house built in reinforced-concrete, 2-story wooden guest house named ‘Kagofuji’ built in the Edo Period, and another 3-story wooden structure built in the Taisho Era.

Two wooden structures were too old for renovation; especially the 3-story structure was tilted to one side. The 2-story guest house was replaced about 4 meters inside of the site and renovated as a new entrance hall. On the other hand, the 3-story wooden building was dismantled and its old timbers were kept for interior decorations applying in other buildings. An alley guides you to stone pavement approach from the main street, the inn located in old red-light district. Facility is consisted of remodeled Edo Period structure of the entrance hall and renovated guest house.

Characteristic large and thick crossbeams of entrance hall. Relaxation corner ‘Zabou’


Renovated entrance hall has a relaxation room ‘Zabou’ which is equipped with a red sofa and rocking chairs. A red sofa is healing stone couch which has the same effect in hot stone spa. That is a kind of fusion that a creative trendy space within a historical wooden structure. A rich greenish court is observed through a lattice door.

The renovated entrance hall is connected to the renovated 5-story guest houses through a passage. Large and thick crossbeams are characteristic in the entrance hall. Antique furniture and fixture are arranged properly under indirect lighting. Opposed to normal Japanese inns, wooden floor can be stepped on with shoes. An automatic glass door separates guest houses from the entrance hall so you can observe the finest view through the window in lobby lounge soon after stepped in.

Newly built outside garden on the way to the guest house is surrounded by the wooden fence made with used timber from old fishing boats and decorated with an art object made with old timber from the 3-story wooden structure.

Seaside terrace ‘Umi-no-sajiki’ Beautiful view from the lobby lounge.


High-backed chairs and comfortable sofas are arranged in the lobby lounge. It creates something opposed atmosphere to typical Japanese inns but rather in high-end resorts hotels.

Pushing of outside view from the inn is always concerned. Beautiful scenery will be able to observe from dinning room ‘Sou or 颯’ arranged just beside the lobby lounge and two charter Onsens at the 5th floor. Seaside terrace ‘Umi-no-sajiki’ attached to the dinning room ‘Sou’. Beautiful view of Benten-jima island, Sensui-jima island, and sailing boats between islands can be seen while enjoy relaxation setting in the chair.

Old grand baths are remodeled to attractive charter Onsens

Charter Onsen ‘Kochi or東風 Charter Onsen ‘Hae or 南風


Although, each guest room in the renovated inn has attractive outdoor bath, some guests wish rather larger bath. Two charter baths are available for these guests. The charter Onsen ‘Hae or 南風’ and ‘Kochi or東風’ are remodeled from the old grand baths for men and women.

A beauty-treatment clinic ‘Shu-shu or 趣々’ is newly provided where used to be the resting area in the grand baths. The clinic has two beds for treatment which is available for couple guests.

[Five ranking to evaluate hotel’s performance through the grapevine]

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